Consultations, Business Events and Parties

For in-person or Skype consultations with Frank, please contact him directly by emailing his office. A few consultation dates are still available in early 2015. Most appointments will be via Skype. A regular astro-palmistry consultation in person lasts 90 mins (plus a bit of extra time for palm prints), is recorded for you (on MP3), and takes place in SE London. A map with directions is sent once you’re booked in. Frank looks at your hands and horoscope and also considers the next year or so ahead. He doesn't tell you ‘what’s going to happen’ or tell you 'what to do'; it is an opportunity to look at your character, needs, drives, as well as your current path – and/or to look at a specific area of your life. It is not about 'predictions'. With context, you can work with Frank to look at where you’re at, where you want to go and what you need – and he will look at what the hands and horoscope have to say about these things. Before arriving, have a think about what you would like to discuss and come with questions because 90 mins goes quickly! If you're interested in electional astrology, where a specific time and date is planned to launch an endeavour/project, or to get married) Frank recommends an initial 20-30 mins on Skype/phone. He'll then come up with the best date options, followed by a later 15-20 min skype discussion about the date(s) he's suggested and why.

If you're interested in having Frank (or another member of the Flare/LSA team) at a business event or party, please email his office for details or call 020 8402 7772.