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Flare Publications was formed in 1996 to publish astrology and palmistry books, as well as bring these fascinating subjects to businesses and events. Its authors and staff are professional consultants and teachers, most of whom are available for corporate events and parties. They can be contacted at the address/email below.

Please contact us by post, telephone or email:

c/o BCM Planets
London WC1N 3XX
+44 (0)20 8402 7772
Email the office here

If you wish to receive emails detailing new books, giveaways, offers and special events in astrology and palmistry, please email us.


Astrology Charts, Shops and Reports

The Astrology Shop is a landmark shop in the heart of London and sells many books and gift items plus a range of personal horoscopes, year forecasts, child profiles and compatibility reports. Also offers mail order.

The Midheaven Bookshop is a specialist in astrological books and software. All CPA Press titles available. An agent for Liz Greene's Astro*Intelligence computerized horoscopes. (Shop and mail order.)

Equinox Astrology (mail order) features the unique Equinox range of personal horoscopes, year forecasts, child profiles, compatibility written by astrologer Robert Currey plus the Equinox Lunar Phase Calendar.

Astrology Schools and Organisations

The London School of Astrology Certificate (beginners) and Diploma courses organised and taught by astrologers Frank Clifford, Kim Farley and Sue Tompkins (author of Aspects in Astrology), with many guest speakers giving one-day seminars on astrology, palmistry and tarot throughout the year.

The Astrological Lodge of London Established by Alan Leo in 1915, it holds meetings in London on Mondays during term-time and also organises a variety of seminars and workshops. Its publication Astrology Quarterly is free to members.


Frank Clifford - email link to the author, astrologer and palmist offering astro-palmistry readings in person in Bromley, and astrology readings by phone/Skype.

Jane Struthers - email link to well-known writer offering astrology and tarot readings by phone.

Kim Farley - email link to the astrologer for in person consultations in London Bridge.

Wendy Stacey - email link to the astrologer for in person consultations in West London and by phone, Skype or mobile.

Diana McMahon-Collis - website link for personal readings to address your main concerns using tarot, astrology or a combination; compiled directly in response to your enquiry and delivered via email or post.


Sy Scholfield's Data Website - this link will take you to Sy's own website and also his Aussie Stars and Queer Stars websites, which are packed with witty and insightful biographies and 'rainbow' charts of gay and lesbian public figures .

Pete Watson offers a wide variety of astrological services, including personal consultations, via his website.

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