Events, Talks, Seminars

Email the LSA for personal astro-palmistry consultations with Frank Clifford. Astrology courses at the LSA with Frank Clifford, Kim Farley and Sue Tompkins begin each Autumn, Thursdays from 30 October 2014 (Beginners) and Tuesdays from 28 October (Diploma, Year 1). Returning Diploma students (Diploma, Year 2) will start back for their final year on Wednesday 29 October. See the LSA's website for more details or call 020 8402 7772. Below are details of upcoming talks/seminars by Frank:

Quick Guide to Frank's Upcoming Talks updated July 2015

7 October 2015: London, England. Frank will host the LSA Open Evening Lecture of 1992. Email the LSA for details.


Details of Autumn talks/seminars/events will be posted soon. Frank will be teaching for the CPA in October and will be the guest speaker for the Bolton Astrological Conference in April 2016. He'll be visiting China and Australia, the USA (Texas, Florida, California and Washington) in the first part of 2016.